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On November 21, 2012 our Shiloh Christian Football family lost one of the greatest men to ever put on the gold helmet. Andrew Pray, class of 2000, went home to be with Jesus after a cycling accident in Georgia. Andrew was an All-State Fullback/Linebacker for the Saints from 1997-1999. Pray started for the Saints in all 3 seasons, going to 3 state championships and winning 2. As a senior, he was a leader and team captain on Coach Gus Malzahn's 1999 State Championship team. As gifted as Andrew was on the football field, he was equally talented as a musician, and led worship for Shiloh Chapel.

Shiloh Christian Football Family, here is what we want to do;
To the right you see a comments section. We encourage you to take a few moments and share with us how Andrew Pray impacted your life. If you were a teammate, classmate, coach, or even taught Andrew at Shiloh, what will you remember about him, what is his legacy? You may even be a current Shiloh player, coach or teacher who has learned of Andrew's life through his passing. Whether it's very brief or something much longer, we would love to hear from you. We will post all of the comments here on this page, and send them to Andrew's family to bless them with memories they can hold onto forever.

Below is some information on Andrew's passing, memorial celebration, and important links.

We will never forget Andrew Pray at Shiloh Christian, his legacy will live on forever with the Saints.
Memorial Celebration at Cross Church
- Donate to Andrew Pray Memorial Fund
- Cross Church Memorial Page
- West Ridge Church Memorial Page
- *Video* Andrew Shares His Playoff Memories At Shiloh (2:00 mark)
- *Video* Andrew Scores TD In '99 Junction City Game (4:53 mark)
Ryan Williams
Andrew was a Senior when I came back to Shiloh in 8th grade. As a kid in Jr. High you always have those guys you really look up to, Andrew Pray was one of those few guys for me. He led worship for our chapel services and his passion for life was contagious. I admired his leadership on the football team. The way he carried himself every day at our school was an example to all, one of the friendliest people you would ever meet. I'm thankful to have known Andrew Pray.

Christy Gore
I taught Andrew when he was in 9th grade. I can visualize him in class,
but my strongest memories are of him leading chapel. I had been a part of many
Shiloh chapels before Andrew came on the scene, but his leadership forever changed
what Shiloh chapels would be. The spirit in the room was so powerful when Andrew
would so humbly but boldly lead us to "Shout to the Lord, all the earth, let us
sing!" He and Jonathan Walker were an amazing team that was so rare to experience at
the high school level. What a gift to all the students and staff at that time. It
was a gift that set a new standard for how we experienced God during the school day.
I'm so thankful to have been a witness to Andrew's short but remarkable life. We are
all better for having known him.

Kim Umber
Sweet Kind Andrew in real life! On the field in the 90's you ran with
long strides very quick turning to do the job for SCS. We will watch your tapes
from long ago again and remember. Say Hi to Michelle Hudson.

Walt Williams
Andrew was one of the best people I have ever known. Growing up and even into high school you had a feel he was a special guy and someone the younger kids could look at as an example of what it is to be a Christian. I have many of my greatest life memories with Andrew at the Field of Champions and I am praying daily for Courtney and the kids and Buster and Martha and Mandi. I don’t understand, but I have to believe God must have needed Andrew more than we did down here.

Kim Simpson McConnell
Andrew was always one of my favorites to come thru Shiloh Christian in the
13 years I worked for the school. He was a great Christian young man and set very
high standards for those students that would follow in his footsteps at Shiloh.
Always had one of the greatest smiles to share with others. Was a tremendous young
man and I thank God that I was blessed to know him for so many years and got to
watch the many successes and accomplishments thru-out his Shiloh days. Prayer and
blessings to the family.

Lathon Williams
I think the best word to describe Andrew Pray is LEADER. Whether it was on
the football field, in school, or at church, Andrew was the guy everyone looked to
for guidance. The way Andrew lived his life every day will forever be an example of
how we should strive to live ours. I am truly blessed by the impact Andrew had on my
life. On Nov. 21, 2012 a SAINT went marching in.

Andrew was such a biccon of light I remember seeing him in the halls at
school he all ways had a smile and encouraging word and how he started changing the
worship program in youth church making it contemporary. Oh and he could play
football but my heart goes out to his family Courtney and the kids his mom and dad.
I can remember being in the marching band an see all them guys go and Win state
those 3 years we all had a unspoken bond the bandies and football players.
Memorial Celebration at West Ridge Church